Cure Sweaty Hands

Let’s face it, having sweaty hands is extremely embarrassing.

Unlike with armpits, there’s no sweaty hands cure that you can purchase at the drugstore – and with more than one in 100 people silently suffering from this humiliating epidemic, it’s no surprise that people have been seeking help for their sweaty hands, which is known to the medical world as palmar hyperhidrosis.

If you’re tired of constantly hiding your problem from your friends and wish to be able to shake hands with confidence, then read all about these homemade sweaty hand cures – you’ll be noticing a real difference in no time!

Antiperspirant For Your Hands

There’s no known reason for why people experience sweaty hands; most scientists believe that there’s a biological malfunction that causes the sweat glands on the hand to go into overdrive. That’s why you need to apply anti-perspirant not just to your underarms, but your hands as well. Look for products that are aluminum-based, as this will help keep your hand sweat under control.

Carry Powder With You

For a sweaty hand cure that’s handy and effective, carry talcum powder with you. Whether on the go or in the office, talcum powder will quickly soak up the sweat and make your hands dry for any handshakes that come your way.

Try A Natural Cure

Natural health advocates claim that Kava Kava tea can help bring your sweaty palms back under control. Try drinking a cup of this tea each morning or evening to see if it’s the right sweaty hands cure for you.

Consider Your Weight

Scientists have determined that sweaty hands might be symptomatic of another healthy problem: being overweight. If you’ve been experiencing sweaty hands, then ask your doctor if losing a couple pounds might help your hands. You’ll not only get rid of your sweaty hands – you’ll add years to your life by dropping any extra weight!

Consider Advanced Options

If you’ve tried all of the sweaty hand cures with no success, then you might need to consider medical options in order to bring your sweat glands back under control. Talk to your doctor today about the options that are available to you. One procedure that’s being hailed as the new sweaty hands cure is Botox, which is applied directly to the palms. As Botox essentially “freezes” the overproduction of sweat glands, you’ll be able to shake hands with confidence in no time!

Additionally, ask your doctor if iontopheresis might be an ideal choice for you. This painless procedure involves washing your hands in a solution that’s filled with electrolytes. The electrolytes then shock your sweat glands, which will make them stop producing sweat. Expect to need several treatments in order to see the benefits of this therapy.

You don’t need to suffer from sweaty hands in silence any longer. Check out some of these great home remedies, or simply ask your doctor if electrotherapy is an option available to you. Your hands will be back to normal in no time!

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