Cure Excessive Sweating

While the human body is a complex system, sometimes it can be a little too complex – especially when it comes to excessive armpit sweating!

People who suffer from this humiliating problem have often reported social disabilities as a result, including shyness among strangers, being afraid to raise a hand in the classroom or the boardroom and even the hesitancy to go out on dates for fear of being humiliated by this type of hyperhidrosis. If you find yourself in similar situations thanks to your overact sweat glands, you could be left wondering why this happens – and what you can do to stop it.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the ultimate tips on how to stop excessive armpit perspiration!

Unfortunately, scientists don’t know why other people are afflicted with excessive underarm perspiration and others aren’t, as it’s caused by overactive sweat glands. While researchers are looking into an answer in our genes for future solutions, this doesn’t help those who are experiencing this humiliating problem now.

While we wait for the ultimate cure for excessive sweating, here are a few home remedies that should help alleviate the problem:

Use Talcum Powder

That product that’s usually only used for babies is your secret weapon in the battle against excessive underarm perspiration. In addition, talcum powder is available in handy travel size packaging, which means that you can carry some with you wherever you go. Simply apply it to your underarms when you feel sweaty – the powder will soak up the excessive sweat and mask the smell of any odors.

Get The Right Antiperspirant

Many people make the mistake of thinking that deodorants and antiperspirants are the same thing; however, deodorants are used to mask underarm odors, while antiperspirant is designed to battle against sweat. Make sure you buy the latter, and look to see if it contains aluminum, Mother Nature’s ultimate answer to excessive underarm sweating. Many antiperspirants that were once limited via prescription can now be purchased over-the-counter, so head to the drugstore today to stock up.

Lay Off The Synthetic Material

Even the driest underarms will start to sweat when shrouded in synthetic material. If you’re a fan of polyester and other restricting materials, try trading them in for shirts made with breathable cotton and linen. You’ll see a reduction in your sweat right away – meaning you’ll be able to go on that date after all!

Advanced Excessive Sweating Treatment

If these home remedies aren’t having any affect on your excessive armpit sweating, then it’s time to call in the big guns by making an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist today.

There, you can receive Botox injections in your underarm region, which will effectively halt the overproduction of sweat in your glands. Also, your doctor or dermatologist may choose to treat your sweaty hands through an electric treatment, where your hands are dipped in a solution filled with electrolytes. These then provide a mild shock to your sweat glands, which results in the decreased production of sweat.

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