Cure Excessive Sweating

Excessively sweaty underarms, palms and feet can all result in extreme physical discomfort, including the immense social distress excessive sweating can cause.

Normally, the problem is caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is known to afflict more than 2.8 % of the US population. Thankfully, there are ways to cure excessive sweating and no one should continue to suffer in silence from this problem.

Some tips on how to cure excessive sweating are listed below:


The most commonly used solution, when looking to cure excessive sweating, is antiperspirants. These cosmetics are created to lower the functioning of the sweat glands, thereby decreasing the amounts of sweat produced. However, they usually work only in extremely mild cases of hyperhidrosis and are known to cause dry skin and itchiness too. While most of us have used antiperspirants often, it is also true that they work more in hiding the symptoms of excessive sweating rather than aiming to cure the problem all together.

Aluminum Chloride

Solutions containing the salt are said to work much better than cosmetic antiperspirants and are therefore often used to cure excessive sweating. Mostly solutions containing aluminum chloride are prescription medicines and therefore not available over the counter. Do keep in mind that aluminum chloride tends to cause extreme itchiness especially to those who may be allergic to it.


Apart from its legendary anti-wrinkle capabilities, Botox is also used to cure hyperhidrosis. Though Botox works very well in cases of excessive underarm sweating, it is only a temporary cure. Most patients find that in order to maintain results of lowered sweating they have to take repeated injections almost every four months. Of course, the fact that Botox is linked with temporary paralysis does prevent most hyperhidrosis patients from adopting it to cure their excessive sweating.


Surgery is also an alternative for those looking to permanently cure excessive sweating symptoms. The procedure is called Sympathectomy and its largest draw back is sympathetic sweating, which is experienced by most patients that undergo the surgery. Indeed the fact that it is a major surgery and comes with its problems, does hold back many patients form opting for the procedure.


Said to cure excessive sweating, iontophoresus is a process that involves inducing a tiny electrical current in order to decrease the functioning of the sweat glands. The process is usually implemented with the affected area lying underwater. Like a few other tips offered above, to cure excessive sweating, iontophoresus too is known to cause cracking of the skin. Users must remember that Iontophoresus is not a one time solution but rather needs a continued implementation in order to work regularly.

While these solutions do work well for those looking to cure excessive sweating, a few home remedies can also be adopted for the job. Since the tips listed above do come with their own drawbacks, home remedies are more popular since they tend to have lesser after effects due to their organic and natural essence. Irrespective of the level of Hyperhidrosis, it can be cured. The trick is to seek out personally the most appropriate method with minimal side effects.

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