Hand Antiperspirant

Sweaty palms or palmar hyperhidrosis is a disabling condition that affects people in their profession, academic life, and social interaction. The embarrassment associated with having cold, clammy and dripping hands can make daily routine and chores impossible to finish. If you are an officeworker, shaking hands with your boss or co-workers is something you dread. A basketball player feels more nervous to shoot the ball and will feel guilty if his team lost the game just because the ball slipped through his hands on the last minute of the game. Even a pretty woman can turn down any invitation to social gatherings because of the probable embarrassment of shaking hands with new acquaintance or dancing closely with someone. In short, a lot of opportunity for personal happiness and success is missed if you have sweaty palms or palmar hyperhidrosis .

There are millions of sweat glands all over the body but some glands may actively secrete sweat fluids in specific areas or regions of the body. This is called localized hyperhidrosis as in the case of sweaty palms or hands. The common cause of sweaty palms according to many studies is anxiety or emotional stress. Oftentimes, sweaty palms and sweaty feet manifest at the same time when a person is nervous, panicky, uncertain, tensed, physically exhausted or obsessed.

Hyperhidrosis is not a temporary disorder. In fact, sufferers confessed how they suffered long enough and how their social life dramatically regressed due to hyperhidrosis. This is very true since the onset of excessive sweating is as early as childhood or adolescence. Due to the autosomal genetic hereditary trait, they get the disorder congenitally at an early stage and this is called primary hyperhidrosis. On the other hand, if it is caused by underlying illness such as hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and other systemic disorders including menopausal syndrome and some medicines taken, it is classified as secondary hyperhidrosis.

Several cures and treatments are available for sweaty palms, but hand antiperspirant is the safest because of minor side effects. Discussed in this article are hand antiperspirants we have researched that sufferers of palmar hyperhidrosis can try themselves; there is no advertising interest or commercial purpose whatsoever.

Hand antiperspirant is effective in eliminating the moisture that causes the discomfort and embarrassment. The hands become dry and it will be easier to grip any object for a certain time. Hand antiperspirant contains the chemical substance aluminum hydroxybromide in the forms of aluminum chloride, aluminum chloride hexahydrate  or aluminum zirconium tricholorohydrex glycine. Some hand antiperspirants are doctor–prescribed, while others are easily available over-the-counter.

  •  Xerac AC
  • Drysol
  • Driclor
  • Odaban

Hand antiperspirant may also come in spray form, such as Klima Confidence Hand Spray. It is easy to use with just a few sprays on the palms, the effect lasts for hours  and you can reapply the spray as often as you wash your hands. Like many antiperspirants, the spray contain the active ingredients aluminum Chloride, and aluminum Chlorohydrate.

Lotions and creams for sweaty palms with active antiperspirant ingredient plus moisturizers can also temporarily remedy the disorder especially in warm weather condition.

  • Neat Touch Hand Lotion
  • Tite Grip Antiperspirant Hand Lotion
  • Ghost Grip
  • Perspirex Hand (and Feet) Lotion

A natural hand antiperspirant Maxim Plus uses nano-peptide molecules and has no strong aluminum chloride content. It comes as a hydrogel using natural substances that reduce the active secretion of the sweat glands. An added feature is it resemblance to Botox effect on wrinkles. This means that using the hydrogel will leave your hands smooth and moisturized and wrinkle-free.

Because these are topical solutions, sensitive skin may experience some minor side effects, such as itchiness, burning sensation, and redness on the area where hand antiperspirant is applied. These side effects can be felt during the first week. When they become intolerable, consult your dermatologist or simply stop using the product.

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