How To Stop Underarm Sweating

How to stop underarm sweating is definitely every hyperhidrosis sufferer’s nightmare. Every sufferer is different — with different skin types and reactions to chemicals. So for that reason it is normally a trial and error procedure in finding an antiperspirant that works well for you. Some antiperspirants that have worked for me or someone else, may not work for you. One thing is sure though – there are various antiperspirants out there that claim to fight excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis.

Roll-on, Creams and Sprays

Underarm sweating control comes in all sorts of forms such as roll-on, creams and sprays. But finding the right one that will work for you is a challenge. You usually need to try about ten just to locate one that works pretty well. I prefer to use roll-on, but it’s a personal preference. As long as the antiperspirant works, it doesn’t really matter what type it is.

What to Look for in Antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant and deodorant help control excessive underarm sweating.

As soon as you find a good antiperspirant that can fight excessive perspiration you need to look for one very essential ingredient. That ingredient is aluminum chloride. Why is aluminum chloride important? Well if you have a moderate excessive sweat problem, it’s the perfect cure. What it does, is to block the sweat glands! When you’re making use of these aluminum chloride based antiperspirants you must apply them when it is night time, when the armpit area is dry. Then simply wash off in the morning! Is it really that simple? Well not really. You need to be able to handle a stinging sensation caused by the solution. It really does sting, and can be uncomfortable. I feel it’s worth it though, to be sweat-free the next day!

There are various ways to stop excessive sweating. I don’t recommend going through a surgery; there are too many risks involved. But I always recommend natural methods. There is a e-book going around by Mike Ramsey, about curing excessive sweating in two weeks using just natural methods. It has a 96% success rate, so that may be work a look – if you cannot handle the pain that aluminum chloride causes you.

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