Natural Healing Tips for Excessive Sweating

If you’re having problem with hyperhidrosis, here are some practical and natural healing tips for excessive sweating in the body.

Cool and Light Fabric

It is advisable to wear breathable and light fabrics such as silk and cotton instead of heavy clothes that will gather sweat and allow you to control heavy sweating or at least reduce sweating.

Refreshing Bath

Take a bath everyday using an antibacterial soap to prevent bacteria from inhabiting your sweaty skin and prevent generation of odors as well.

Underarm Liners

You can also use shoe inserts or underarm liners to absorb your sweat so as not to produce sweat odor.

Foods and Beverages to Avoid

It would also be advisable to avoid foods such a double jalapeno burrito with a margarita or any other extra spicy foods especially those from a Mexican restaurant.

Alcohol should also be avoided since it makes you sweat profusely as well.

Tea and coffee should also be avoided especially when the weather is hot.

Other Tips to Get Rid of excessive Sweating

Other natural healing tips for excessive sweating is the use of natural ingredients and foods such a natural vinegar, potato, herbal tea, tomato juice, wheat grass juice, cornstarch and baking soda, witch hazel, grapes, tee tree oil, coconut oil and tannic acid.

Two teaspoons of natural vinegar and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar can be taken thrice in a day to cure excessive sweating. This mixture can be taken on an empty stomach to be more effective.

Sage tea has been proven to be effective in curing excessive sweating. Its richness in magnesium and vitamin B reduces the activities of sweat glands especially in the underarms.

Drinking a glass of fresh tomato juice each day can get rid of excessive sweating.

Slices of potato can be rubbed under your arms as well as skin areas where excessive sweating occurs.

Witch hazel is a very effective antiperspirant while cornstarch and baking soda can be used to get rid of excessive underarm sweating after application under the arms.

Excessive sweating can also be relieved by immersing tea bags in boiling water to form a solution where you can immerse your perspiring palms after the mixture cools down.

Ten grams of camphor in a bowl of coconut oil can also cure sweat prone areas while thin layers of tea tree oil can be spread to the highly perspiring areas of the skin.

Eating a lot of grapes can eliminate extreme sweating due to the natural antioxidants of this very delicious fruit.

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