10 Self-Help Tips to Avoid Sweating

A change in lifestyle and everyday activities can reduce symptoms of excessive sweating. Here are 10 self-help tips to avoid body sweating especially of the armpits and feet.

Avoid popular triggers

for excessive sweating such as heavy clothes. Tight restrictive clothing and nylon clothing should be avoided especially when in places with humid temperatures. Wearing white or black clothing can also minimize sweating. Cotton clothing are good sweat absorbents and must be worn often if you easily sweat.

Avoid spicy foods

Highly spicy foods such as those offered in Mexican and some Middle Eastern restaurants are very spicy and can make you sweat continuously and rapidly. Avoid eating in these restaurants or just avoid eating spicy foods to prevent sweating aggravation and the discomfort given by sweat due to eating too much spicy foods.

Avoid alcohol

Alcoholic beverages can keep your body warm, eventually making you sweat a lot. If you live in places whose climate are hot and in places with warm weather, it is wise not to drink alcoholic beverages to avoid excessive sweating.

Use antiperspirant sprays frequently

Unlike deodorant, antiperspirant can greatly relieve you from the discomfort of sweating and the generation of body odor as well.

stop excessive sweating
Here’s what to avoid to solve your sweating problem.

Use armpit shields

Armpit shields are know to reliably absorb excessive sweat while protecting your clothes from bad effects of perspiration.

Use moisture absorbing socks

Thick but soft socks can effectively absorb moisture. Socks made of synthetic material should be avoided while making sure that you change your socks at least two times a day.

Use shoes made of canvas, mesh or leather

Rather than those made from synthetic material to avoid excessive sweating of shoe sole.

Reduce caffeine intake

This can reduce sweating since caffeine can over stimulate the nervous system which allows the release of adrenaline which raises your internal body temperature.

Drink plenty of water

Cool down your system or help in regulating body temperature since a hydrated body results into a low body temperature.

Reduce intake of hot drinks

Sage tea is one of the best natural remedies for curing excessive sweating. Taking sage capsules can also regulate the activities of the sweat glands while soothing the nervous system.

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