Cure Sweaty Feet

Ah, summer. That time of year when the days are longer, the nights are hotter and everybody walks around barefoot.

Everyone, that is, except for you.

If you suffer from excessive sweating of the feet, then you’ve probably tried to cure sweaty feet with no success. After all, nothing is more embarrassing than having to wear clunky shoes at your family barbecue while everyone else has shed their shoes and socks. Additionally, sweaty feet can make it more difficult to wear those glamorous evening shoes, as it’s difficult to get a firm footing – and nothing leads to more trips and falls like sweaty feet!

If you’re ready to cure sweaty feet without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the doctor’s office, try some of these home remedies next time you feel a sweat attack coming on. You’ll rest easier knowing that your sweaty feet are under control and you’ll be able to enjoy the summer months much more!

Apply Antiperspirant

Sweaty feet are caused by sweat glands which have been pushed into overdrive. While scientists aren’t exactly sure what would cause feet to start producing so much excessive sweat, there is a easy method that might cure sweaty feet: applying an aluminum-based anti-perspirant directly to your feet.

Aluminum helps to counteract the production of sweat, while the anti-perspirant works overtime to keep your feet nice and dry. Pick up the best brand you can find at your local drugstore and see if this simple method brings some much-need relief.

Watch What You Eat

Many scientists believe that perspiring feet are caused by certain foods in our diet; therefore, if you want to cure sweaty feet, make sure you stay away from spicy foods (which pump our sweat glands into overdrive) and take it easy on the alcohol. Sometimes making a simple tweak to our diets is all it takes to find relief from feet wet from sweat!

Buy Shoes That Let Your Feet Breathe

If you’ve been stuffing your feet into constricting shoes all day, it’s no surprise that you have a sweating problem! Try wearing shoes that are made of more breathable material, or wear flip-flops when you’re away from work. The air will circulate through your shoe, keeping your feet cool and your soles sweat-free.

You’ve Got The Powder

If you want to cure sweaty feet, try carrying talcum powder with you anywhere you go. Talcum powder absorbs the excessive sweat and prevents your sweat glands from producing even more. Additionally, talcum powder will make your feet smell sweeter – an additional bonus for those who suffer from the more smelly side effects of sweaty feet!

Don’t hide your feet from the summer sun or those fabulous sandals any longer. To prevent sweaty feet, try out these natural methods; if nothing works, consult with your doctor today to try more advanced solutions like Botox injections, which halts the production of sweat glands in your feet. After all, you deserve to have the kind of confidence that comes from having dry feet!

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