Sweating Home Remedies

Sweating and its consequential odor can cause social embarrassment along with physical discomfort. While excessive sweating is usually associated with strenuous activity or extra hot weather, this is not always the case. Almost 1 in every 500 person suffers from a condition called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating disorder, which causes them to sweat profusely without the usual cause being present.

While there are several cures for hyperhidrosis, a few sweating home remedies also work well in keeping the condition down. Since these remedies are natural in essence, they do not cause side effects and maybe adopted easily for enhanced comfort and control of the problem.

Tea Bags

Take a few tea bags and boil them in some water. Once the water turns dark brown, remove the bags and cool the water down. Dip hands and feet into this water for about 10 minutes. While this is not a cure for sweating, it does control the problem drastically. Even consumption of herbal tea is said to work well with those looking for sweating home remedies.

Natural Clothing

Stick to fabrics like linen and cotton rather than opting for synthetic clothes. These garments allow the body to remain cool, thus preventing large amounts of sweat from building up and causing odor.

Zinc Rich Foods

Another one of the sweating home remedies that actually work, is increasing the intake of zinc rich foods. Turkey, spinach, nuts, etc will help to achieve an increase of zinc rich foods.


Topping the list of sweating home remedies is intake of water. Water helps keep the body temperature cool down and thus prevents the body from sweating profusely. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water must be consumed daily in order to cater to the body’s need for the fluid.

Cut on Spices

When looking at sweating home remedies, another one that works well is cutting down on spicy foods. These foods tend to cause the body to heat up and consequently sweat extra. Avoiding them and consuming cooler foods will help tremendously.


Applying key lime under the arms every night is also said to reduce sweating in the area. However, do keep in mind that this home remedy should be avoided if the skin in or around the area is cracked.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This has also been known to work for some in controlling excessive sweating. Since this is a natural remedy, it helps to keep the skin clean too. Both application and consumption work in the case of apple cider vinegar as a sweating home remedy. There have been those who say the treatment works better if mixed with raw honey.

In short, it would be right to say that over and above chemical solutions like antiperspirants and lotions, it does help to follow a few sweating home remedies too, when looking to control the problem.

Also keep in mind that sweating is increased by anxiety and therefore keeping a calm mind does help in preventing sweating. Acupuncture and yoga are a few natural cures for excessive sweating and help tremendously in controlling the problem.

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